The Vortex System

VortexTM KV 5006 System

Vortex Rig 2009

The PortableVortex System!

There is nothing else like it on the market! 
The Vortex System was designed with these three things in mind:




The Vortex System takes care of all of these things. The problem with other similar systems is that you never see the whole picture when it comes to what you REALLY need to have to operate their systems. Somehow, the reality of having to have a separate heat room, an extra HUGE compressor that usually runs on 220V (you call that portable?) heated material lines, etc. just to spray a ute bed never enters the picture until it's too late. You already invested HUGE amounts of money and what you thought was portable turns out to be ENORMOUS!

The Patented Vortex System is Over 55 Years of expertise packed into the only REAL portable system on the market and at a fraction of the average price.  It uses the lowest psi, patented spray technology which translates into virtually no mess to contend with, up to 22% less waste and operates on a singe 240V outlet.

Everything is self contained. The system takes care of almost everything. It automatically warms the material, mixes the plural component material automatically and does this by simply plugging your Vortex system into a standard outlet and away you go. It can even run off a small generator (Now that is what we call portable). Be it ute beds or floors, only Vortex does more!

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The patented Vortex KV-5006 System has the following standard convenience features:


~ Dual Stainless Steel Material Tanks
~ Front Lid & Full Open Front Panel for Easy Hose Access
~ Recirculating Material Lines Require NO Cleanup
~ Built in Whisper Jet Technology
~ Built in Tool Box Storage