The Eco-Meric System

Eco-MericTM Industrial EMG-500 Roof System is a dual coat sealing system to help create a water proof seal, extend the life of an existing roof and enjoy the benefits of great energy savings.


The primary advantages to the Matrix Eco-Meric system and materials is the ability to protect your most important valuable asset, namely your roof. It also can reduce existing utility cost up to 32% when it comes to cooling an existing building. The Eco-Meric system meets the stringent codes of the California’s Title 24 for energy efficiency as well as meeting the CRRC standards has a Underwriters Laboratory Class A fire rating and is Energy Star rated. The Eco-Meric coating can extend the life of an existing roof for over a decade.

The Matrix Eco-Meric Roof Coating by Vortex is designed to be economical, ecologically (Green) friendly and durable. The flexible Solarmeric acrylic base allows the Eco-Meric coating to be utilized in both hot and cold climates from the extremes of the high temperatures of the desert climates to the extreme colds of the frigid northern climates.






 This truly incredible system is easy to use, maintain, and to operate. It cleans up with water and runs for hours on a single tank of gas. Each of the two applications have their own spot in the market place and are designed to be applied to rolled, tar, metal, concrete, and cap sheet roofs     


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As an Authorized Dealer you can offer an economical way to seal off leaks on an existing flat roof, restore the integrity of a roof, reduce utility costs and reflect upwards the sun’s harmful rays.


The new Eco-MericTM Having a Class A fire rating makes it the ultimate in safety and fire issues. The Class A rating gives it a “self extinguishing” rating that means it doesn’t contribute existing or exasperate and existing fire.

Meeting the American Standard Testing Method D6083-97a for 100% Acrylic Roof Coatings, it is an excellent application to recoat all flat composition, pea gravel, torch down, tar and metal roofs. Resist exposures to extreme wet climates, cold and hot climates, ponding water situations and acid rain contaminants.


Ratings & Approvals
Click on the link below to get a copy of the Solarmeric Testing ratings / Approvals & Accreditations